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The Gift and the Curse

Admittedly, this ‘blog’ has become more of a sounding board for my sporadic, reflective thoughts. This will be one of those posts.

The last few months have been relatively free of any negative emotion (read: anger, sadness, worry). And in these months, I have had little desire to write or drift into much deep thought. However, in typical fashion I have had some of these negative emotions surface in the last week and I have begun digging deep in the ‘thought department’. And now, I am at the point where I return to writing… Some of my best work and ideas have come when I have been in this mildly depressed state. I am not sure if many others agree with this theory, but it is much harder to write with purpose or passion when you are in a numb, apathetic state. It takes emotion to write and the numbness I have had in recent months (years?) has really impacted my ability to write or even ‘think’.

Now it’s not like I have ever had something profound to say. But at least the desire was there.. At least I felt strong enough about things (personal, social, or political) to form coherent thoughts and sentences. It’s a shame it takes feeling like shit for me to consider writing. The Gift and the Curse.

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