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Eyes Wide Open

Growing up in these here United States of America, I have always been told that one could be anything they wanted to be if they set their mind to it. Nobody said that the playing field would be equal, but this common refrain has always defined America. It is the home of opportunity, the land of the free. Now that I am in my mid-twenties, I am fairly certain that I will no longer be a professional baseball player, astronaut, or rock star. (10 year-old S.C. is heartbroken.) I bring this up not to dwell on childhood fantasies, but instead, I bring it up to discuss one’s current profession and whether that is consistent with the direction one ultimately wants to go. When work consumes 49.1% of my waking hours, it is difficult not to define myself by my current job. Most people my age and at similar points in their careers will justify their current job as a means to some dream job ending. Examine your current job or academic focus; compare that to your ultimate destination; now take a deep breath and determine whether a career (life?) pivot is in order… Eyes wide open.

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