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“If you don’t post more than twice a week, you don’t have a blog.”

It’s time to stretch my writing legs. Like most writers, both amateur and professional, I have some occasional difficulty coming up with interesting topics. When people claim to have writers block, I imagine they are referring to difficulty with interesting topics. Any Joe Shmoe with a liberal arts degree can babble on for extended lengths about things that interest them. The challenge is captivating others, drawing them into those interests and stories.

Okay that’s enough of my prologue.

Has anyone reading this dealt with insomnia? I have had mild forms of it over the past year. Now I never stay up the entire night, but 3 hour nights of sleep are common. I have terrible fits of restlessness: I want to build, write, design, read, workout, play music, etc. My mind is just constantly racing. As a result, I always sleep with a tv or radio turned on in an attempt to drown the fire. Is being a data crunching analyst by morning not satisfying enough to let my mind rest at night? Is it the need to fulfill or act on some untapped passion?

Whatever it is, I don’t think I mind it too much… It reminds me that the light is still on. I’ll figure it out.

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